Bring your seasonal cheer or holiday humbug to the Friendly Ghost’s Holiday, Something? LLC!  We’ve put together a festivus for the rest of us, featuring a celebratory line up of talented and attractive people.  Here’s what to expect:

French Poop, the rehearsal-averse cover band! Watch a group of talented musicians flounder and flummox their way through your favorite pop tunes of today, yesterday and tomorrow.  Utilizing memory, improvisation, and their collective intuitive knowledge of pop cliché, they struggle their way to a consensus on your favorite hits!

The musical stylistics of Pastel Mountain, featuring the talents of the Adrienne Dawes and the Erik Secrest + friends.

In our humble opinion most holiday parties are greatly lacking in experimental cello music! Not at our holiday party mister! Please enjoy the ambient cello sounds and mellifluous tones of  Airplane Mode!   Enjoy it now, thank us later.

We’ll wrap up the evening with the tiny army of musical improvisors known as Ouiness.  An open enrollment improvisational band. They are open to suggestions and open for serious business!

Plus DJ SRTA Dirty Birthday will be missing cues and silently mocking your requests through out the evening!

This is the company holiday party to end all parties.  No white elephants, Secret Santas or awkward conversations with your sociopath cube mate.  This is just pure fun for all.  Henna says, “This is going to be a colorful event, so wear the proper pants y’all!”  Choose your pants wisely, you have been warned.


Sunday DEC 14th

Doors: 6:00-11:00 pm

Cost: $5.00 donation

Salvage Vanguard Theater

2803 Manor Rd, Austin, Texas 78722