Church of the Friendly Ghost

February 28: Handmade Music Austin #5

  • Handmade Music Austin #5

    Doors open @ 6:30
    Beginner’s class @ 7
    Advanced class @ 8:30

    Salvage Vanguard Theater
    2803 Manor Rd

    Beginners class is free! first come first serve.
    Advanced class is $45, register online via paypal:

    The $45 price includes kit and all necessary materials but if you’d like to bring your own soldering iron, tools, and batteries that would be great!. No refunds for no shows.

    For the beginner’s class we’ll build the Pico Paso, a stepped tone sequencer with light control triangle oscillators.

    In the advanced class we’ll build the Space Baby, a beat-synced modulated digital delay. It has controls for delay time, feedback, time modulation, and ring modulation.

    Handmade Music Austin:
    Inspired by the original Handmade Music DIY show and tell in Brooklyn, Austinites Eric Archer, Bleep Labs, and 4ms decided to bring more noise to Texas. With the help of The Church of the Friendly Ghost, they began hosing monthly workshops to teach basic soldering and electronics skills as well as walk people through the creation of our new synthesizer kits.

    Eric Archer has produced several different flavors of analog drum machines as well as the Mini Rocker beginner kit. Dann Green of 4ms designed the Autonomous baseline generator and AVR based synth with an analog band pass filter. He also made the SimSam beginner project, a super noisy sampler/bit crusher/music destroyer. Dr. Bleep of Bleep Labs created the Nebulophone, a stylus controlled synthesizer based on Arduino with an analog low pass filter, and the Pico Paso noisemaker beginner’s project.